The making of an illustrated storyline bio


For the Conscious Capitalism spring conference in May of 2018, we (at RTC) created nine illustrated biographies to showcase a fraction of the unseen heroes of the community—your peers who are doing great things but you might not know about; those who haven’t been seen from the stage. They were printed on 24″ x 60″ panels and were on display throughout the event.

We initially determined the print size and then developed an overall layout and a template for each individual’s biography. The arcs and circles you see are based on CC’s and RTC’s branding, and all nine of them interconnect.

The storyline poetry was created by our CEO based on interviews and questioning, and the poem approved by the person it featured. The artwork, however, was a surprise that had to wait until the event! I then determined which template/position that person’s bio would go on, and assigned an artist to it (and I did two of them personally). We ultimately had a fun mix of each artist’s individual style.

In the video you’ll see me roughly mapping out where the poem content might fit within my template before moving to the drawing tablet. You might scratch your head as you see me making corrections and drawing words that don’t fit. I was crazy tired; it was during an intense stretch of workload! Vector artwork had my back, as I knew I could scale a few areas in Illustrator :).