The balance of design

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The reddish-brown dirt clod would crumble in Sunny’s hands when she was a child as she would carefully select a piece to continue to draw. Her family had settled in Alaska and, after living there awhile, decided to build a solar house. Many of her days were spent outside playing amongst the exposed dirt walls that were left after leveling areas from the mountainside or using leftover scrap wood to make things.

“My grandfather calls us a family of cobblers, in that we can put anything together one way or another. No guarantee that it’s pretty, but we can make it happen.”

It was in those days where Sunny discovered her love of architecture and drawing energy from the sun, those clean lines that make beautiful spaces for people to enjoy. Whether drawing floor plans as a teenager, or even building her own art booth to sell artwork in as an industrious adult, she was filled by the satisfaction of making something simple or sometimes intricate, functional, and pleasing to the eye.

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