I love industry. I love old factories and abandoned buildings. Brick, concrete, metal. And of course I love clothes (well, it’s a love/hate thing really). What I don’t love about “industry-standard” manufacturing is the waste left behind. I see no reason why we can’t have industry, but have it in a cleaner way that is safer for all. Visit this page for information on my process and the online store page for apparel! (Open any clothing item and click on the “Apparel” category to filter your shopping to only clothing.)


SS7 apparel started with selling my artwork as prints and on clothing items at large, custom, print-on-demand companies and ordering samples to see what my customers would see, and then really started as many ventures do . . . because I was frustrated by the lack of quality control. I learned to do it myself. My prints may not all be perfect, but at least there is a human being looking at it who knows what it is supposed to look like!

As much as an animal and nature lover as I have always been, for unknown reasons it didn’t occur to me initially to be more environmentally-friendly in my garment choices. I don’t even remember knowing alternatives existed. I used the “standard” materials, because that’s what was talked about on forums; that’s what suppliers carried and advertised; that’s what I saw around me in the offices I worked at, that happened to order a lot of shirts. You will find some garments on this site that are traditional fabrics (each page lists the details of that item).

Over time, I became increasingly aware of the importance of being responsible for the health of the planet and the beings that live on it. I realized there is indeed a wrong and a right way to do things and lots of grey in between to be sorted out. I started really paying attention to everything, and moving in a wonderfully better direction, carrying organic, recycled, and even carbon-neutral garments.

Resun (pronounced “reason”) comes from a need to show that we should pay attention to the impact fashion has, and is also a reference to the designer: re: Sunny Brooke.


Resun:Earth, Resun:Love, and SS7 are trademarked brands of Sunny DiMartino.