SS7 Horse Sketch recycled tee


This horse print is adapted from my ink and watercolor drawing. Dark brown ink on mixed/flecked brown tee. SS7 insignia on back neck. This shirt is 100% recycled, and still soft! Ordering options coming soon.


Unprinted garment: Made in the USA. The 5.6oz polyester fabric consists of 65% regenerated cotton and 35% recycled PET. The cotton fibers are recycled from 100% cotton fabric scraps made of ring spun yarn only. The polyester is created from recycled beverage containers. Since the cotton scraps have been piece dyed, dye is not necessary. However, if dye is needed a low-impact dye is used. A few advantages of recycled polyester: saves gallons of water, eliminates chemicals and emission of carbon dioxide, and avoids the release of waste. Two-needle stitching on hem and sleeves.

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