SS7 Calculator for Office (dark red)


Ah, the reliable office assistant we use throughout life: the friendly little calculator, solar-powered of course! This funny political shirt is in good taste. The back of the shirt lists the reasons why he’s a good candidate:

  • energy-conscious
  • dependable
  • a history of accurate accounting practices
  • known to help school children
  • and darn it, people like him.

Elect Solar-Powered Calculator. Because it all adds up.

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The print is distressed slightly and each one will vary. I designed these quite some time ago, and didn’t end up selling them because of imperfections and because they are kind of high maintenance after washing (more info below). Also, you will look a little like a walking billboard. I’m still really fond of them though!


Blue and white printing on both sides (and the calculator display face is white instead of red). After washing, you will need to lay flat to dry, shaping the rectangles. I should have dried the ink before pulling them off the platen; I accidentally made them higher maintenance! I tried making bolsters out of them (those cylindrical pillows), which would have been really neat. My sewing skills have doomed that project thus far.

Blank garment: 4.5oz 100% organic cotton jersey with a low carbon footprint of 650g, compared to an identical product manufactured without renewable electricity of 6.5kg (90% reduction, remaining 10% offset to be carbon neutral). Manufactured solely using wind and solar power. Carbon neutral and fair labor.