Russian Blue


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Watercolor painting of my beautiful kitten, Drizzt (“DRIZ-it”). The painting is on 12″x16″ paper. I haven’t measured the painting portion but it’s probably around 14″+ wide on the original. Print is on 8.5″ x 11″ semi-gloss photo paper. A print is also available in grayscale, with only the eyes in color. It’s stunning!

  • “beautifully done!!”

    —Barbara K.

  • “wow this is great, i love the style of the painting”
    —Jennifer H.
  • “Wonderful job. The eyes are awesome.”
    —Jenny G.
  • “Lovely portrait of a beautiful cat! The eyes are wonderful.”
    —Eva B.
  • “Beautiful watercolour painting. Excellent expression of his face and body . . . just wonderful.”
    —Nira D.
  • “beautiful . . . I love the green eyes . . . and the yellow . . . great job”
    —S. I.
  • “I like your technique.”
    —Nancy W.