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Beautiful fantasy stallion in purple, blue, and green. This is one of the few horses I’ve done that isn’t an Arabian! He looks a bit like a carousel horse. Original is watercolor pencil on 11″ x 14″ watercolor paper [SOLD]. There are two print styles: one has a basic title styling, and the other has a little bit more scripty, centered title.

  • “Brilliant depth and movement – well done dear.”
    —Kathleen N.
  • This is really an excellent piece of art!! 10++++++
    —Christine C.
  • Awesome use of water color, majestic horse in cool colors. Great composition and good detail for use of watercolor . . . all in all it’s a great piece.
    —Stefan G.
  • Very pretty. Love the sense of strength the horse exudes.
    —Christopher B.