Bright white paper with crisp black type. Text that aligns just so. Page after page of flowing words, polished to the best possible settings for the existing variables, each line given attention, each piece mapped to an InDesign style. My design home is at Round Table Companies. If your values align with RTC’s, perhaps your book and I can meet there :).
Book layout and typography have come to be my special things, and I’ve worked on well over one hundred books. Prose, graphic novels, workbooks, textbooks, and children’s books, as well as digital conversions. I believe that books should be designed with care and attention to detail; both print and digital versions, novel and business book. But I love page layout of all sorts, including worksheets and datasheets. I’ve been a professional designer for around a decade and have done design work in nearly every job I’ve held prior as well, from magazine layout to procedural manuals to floor plans and maps. Currently I support our RTC clients with their graphic needs from book layout to branding packages.
It’s lovely to step away from my computer and draw by hand, whether traveling to oversee art installations that foster connection and shared humanity or simply drawing in a notebook, it’s the rare type of work that doesn’t require sitting at my desk!

Home portraits

Once upon a time I offered custom home drawings or paintings as a service to be given as gifts or to commemorate someone’s first home. To jumpstart the process, I commonly traced the primary building outline features and then drew everything else by referencing their photo.

Database development

You might say I had an addiction of sorts to Microsoft Access/VBA at one point in my life! I built so many detail-oriented systems for all sorts of content from inspection tracking software (which I sold for a time under the company name Solarasoft) to extensive event, athletic, and membership programs and beyond that were used for many years by the companies they were built for. It was downright exciting for me to craft these systems with form fields that actually lined up, beautiful reports with options the user could choose, and helpful navigation that reduced cumbersome steps. I was hired on the side by a database development company after someone showed the owner my work, and he commented I was the best coder he’d ever seen. Honestly, it came fairly easily to me. Yet, I let go of all of it when it came time to simplify my life. Databases are a truly beautiful interweaving of logic, precision, and art. You might say I miss it, but I also feel relief. There are only so many technologies I can stay on top of well and still maintain some semblance of a calm life ;).
I became the resident designer in most full-time positions I held, but my freelance design career started mostly on Elance, where I completed nearly 500 projects. During that time I worked on annual reports, datasheets, forms, whitepapers, print and digital books, infographics, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, brochures, charts, databases, advertisements, HTML email, web pages, signage . . . you name it. I’m quite happy to have settled many years ago into a steady and permanent design home for client work.