VIS game advertisement

sun Miscellaneous design work

I worked with a professional photographer to capture the primary elements of the game and then added typography, branding, and illustrations. I also played a huge role in the design and development of this game itself! You can purchase the game from Amazon or directly from RTC’s website.

Niebuhr Studies

sun Book layout

Full dust jacket, interior, and digital design and layout. Niebuhr Studies by William G. Chrystal Empire for Liberty, LLC

Me in my dream office

sun Personal designs

A drawing I made for a personal business project, for an ebook production guide I was writing. That’s my girl Luna on my desk, in an office I would love to have! Brick. Tilting metal-frame windows. Plants. Books. Concrete. Expansive desk surface. Art. Yep!! And I made myself nice and tall ;).

LWR back cover

sun Book layout

The red background was provided for me; it was used in the front cover design by another designer. I extended that around and virtually tucked the photo into the corner sleeve.

The United States Constitution: A Round Table Comic

sun Book layout

Graphic novels come to me from an illustrator as individual storyline images and a cover illustration (in this case, Nathan Lueth) and plain text content for the front and back matter. It’s then my role to compile the content and design the front and back matter and typically the page … Read More

Microsoft charts

sun Miscellaneous design work

Charts to match the Rosetta site. Originally I had them a little bit ‘flatter,’ matching the fat square border styles elsewhere, but the client wanted more ‘pop’ so I used the stone theme to give them an interesting header and added some shading. (Original site: The backgrounds are the … Read More