United by COVID: Something beautiful is being forged

sun Hand lettering

One of my drawing contributions to the United by COVID virtual wall. United by COVID offers a safe space to express what’s happening in your mind, heart, and soul during this uncertain time. This virtual “wall” provides a judgement-free zone, where you can share your fears and concerns without anyone … Read More

Small Giants

sun Hand lettering

Featured at Small Giants, 2019 Interested in learning more about RTC’s art installations?

Discover my light

sun Hand lettering

I had a little extra time to devote to making this illustration shine! Full installation drawn by a team of artists. Featured at the Stagen Leadership Academy Reunion, December 2018 Round Table Companies Interested in learning more about RTC’s art installations?

365 type 7

sun 365 Days of Type, Hand lettering

With hand lettering part of my career for some time now, I decided to officially, routinely devote time to working on the skill. I’ve done intentional practice in the past, but some time ago. This will be fun! My focus will be mostly on letterforms and embellishments. View the entire project … Read More