Dry winter air: The perfect opportunity for an eco-fix


I have a touch of spring fever already! Dreaming of warm days. I don’t know about your house, but the air in mine is really dry this time of year. I have my evaporative humidifier running near the bedroom so sleeping is more pleasant, though it’s too small to handle the … Read More

Launching soon: Instructional courses!


Nearly two years ago, I had an idea that I wanted to start making YouTube videos with tips and instructions primarily related to InDesign. I saw the value of some cool new features hardly anyone was using just yet that I wanted more people to learn. Also by that time, I had … Read More

Pack out your recyclables


Eating at the mall? Continental breakfast at a hotel while traveling? Those delicious little boxes of shredded wheat called my name one morning at a hotel recently. But I wasn’t about to toss the boxboard in the trash can. Recyclable materials are all around us during those on-the-go times where convenience food … Read More

PePcon – Woohoo!


So, I put about zero thought into taking photos in Chicago. I just snapped this masterpiece during a moment of being happy. Last week was PePcon (the Print and ePublishing Conference)—something I’ve been wanting to attend for some time! I’ve had a printout of their website on my bulletin board for years … Read More

Getting out of my own way


With this title and photo, this post could be about so many things. This photo was taken in Joshua Tree a few months ago, where I had the most amazing time up on those rocks. And doing a bit of getting out of my own way. But, this post is about this … Read More