The balance of design

sunDesign, Leadership

The reddish-brown dirt clod would crumble in Sunny’s hands when she was a child as she would carefully select a piece to continue to draw. Her family had settled in Alaska and, after living there awhile, decided to build a solar house. Many of her days were spent outside playing … Read More

DIY cell phone wallet


It’s confirmed: my cell phone is too slippery. In the sense that if my hands are full, guess which one item is going to be the one to fall? In the sense that it’s small and easily set somewhere forgettable. In the sense that it easily slides to the bottom … Read More

Calculator for Office

sunEnvironment, Merchandise

Ah, the reliable office assistant we use throughout life: the friendly little calculator, solar-powered of course! This funny political shirt is in good taste. The back of the shirt lists the reasons why he’s a good candidate: energy-conscious dependable a history of accurate accounting practices known to help school children … Read More

Parting ways with a labor of love

sunArtwork, Design

Fence post and conduit cut to length with a cutter you spin by hand. Holes bored with a handheld drill. Brightly colored ripstop nylon cut and sewn. Grommets hammered into place. Canopy fittings ordered. A little assistance from someone to weld a couple of pieces and another to help sew … Read More