Sunny (or just Sun) has worked professionally with InDesign for over fifteen years on a nearly daily basis, using it to create everything from simple business cards to full book and magazine layouts. She uses InDesign as the starting point for digital book formats as well, granting them plenty of TLC just like the print versions. She has worked on nearly 140 books in various capacities, with a primary focus on interior layouts.

She is the director of publishing and visual design at Round Table Companies, an amazing company dedicated to storytelling for thought leaders wanting to have positive impact on the world.

Her history of artistic interests is varied across artwork, database development, furniture, screenprinted apparel, and more.

​Sunny has an appreciation for fine typography and loves text that fits together just so. She loves rich color, and also clean black and white. The old Cherry 7-Up commercials that were colored only with touches of pink on grayscale. Seeing a finished book in print. Slab serifs. Designing things. Improving and assembling things. Sunlight and skylights, and light patterns on the floor. Paper lanterns and solar power. Fresh air. Warm rain. The quiet rush of excitement when the wind picks up on an overcast autumn day. Animals. Bamboo. Silos and barns. Brick and old industrial buildings. The pyramids. Discovery. Kayaking. Trails. Climbing on things. Engaging muscles. Metal. Concrete. Music. Heavy beats. Hype. Energy. Dancing. Touch. Laughing with friends. Solitude. Striped socks. Avocados. Fresh salsa. Tabouli. Health. The smell of Play-Doh, fingerpaint, and crayons. Teaching a special child. Chaotic, lawful, and neutral good. Honesty. Spontaneity. Also, she almost laments that as she updates this bio, she notices the addiction to flare jeans and lounge pants seems to no longer be accurate.