Hi there :).

I’m a designer, an artist, a developer. I love light and fresh air. Discovery. Avocados. Striped socks.

I’m the creative director at Round Table Companies and I offer instructional InDesign courses to design professionals. I’m on a continual (sometimes rollercoaster!) journey of personal growth, some of which is reflected here. You will find occasional articles relating to InDesign, books, typography, minimalism, ethics, environmentalism, and other random life interests. Artwork and apparel are also available for purchase in my online store.
Bright white paper with crisp black type. Text that aligns just so. Page after page of flowing words, polished to the best possible settings for the given variables. I believe that books should be designed with care and attention to detail; both print and digital versions, novel and business book. My design home is at Round Table Companies. If your values align with RTC’s, perhaps your book and I can meet there :).
  • Tree tote bag
  • Calypso drawing
  • Watercolor cat painting
  • Book layout
  • Art show booth
  • White Tiger
  • Cover without cropping